Lisa Corbo Jewelry Launched And It’s Stunning

Lisa Corbo Jewelry Launched And It’s Stunning

Just a few short weeks ago, I found myself walking into the Hazelton Hotel Lobby in Yorkville, Toronto. I get a little nervous walking into very nice hotels because I often get the “millennial shade”. It’s a term I use to describe the judgemental looks when a younger person walks into a Chanel or extremely nice hotel because the staff know we can’t afford to be there. However, the staff at this hotel were extremely warm and helped me to find the event I would be attending in their very lavish screening room.

I was looking for the launch of Lisa Corbo Jewelry, which was created by both Lisa and her daughter Sofia. They got the location right for this event. I took a step out of the elevator and into a dim-light, VIP style event space. I immediately found my way to the small bar where my good friend Giulia was speaking to another writer from Fashion Mag, picked up some bubbly and started perusing the beautiful pieces.

The first word I have to describe this collection is timeless. I actually think it’s a bit of an overused statement in the fashion world. Everyone wants their pieces to be deemed “timeless”; but when I really think about what the word means, I think: “Can I wear this for years, will my daughter be able to wear this years after?” and when it comes to Lisa Corbo’s new line, the answer is yes.

I am in love with the clunky chain bracelets. They literally looked good on every single person who tried them on; and they match everything. I found this jewelry line in particular, to be very versatile. Totally okay to wear at work during the day, but also perfect for a formal night out.

The line has something for everyone ranging from $150 to north of $1,000 and can be found at . Lisa and Sofia designed the Capsule Collection in Toronto and had each piece made in Italy from ottone-brass with 18K gold plating. I had an amazing time looking at and trying on all the new items, talking with everyone at the event and enjoying the “private screening” of the Lisa Corbo Jewelry Launch Video.



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