BOHO Apartment Finds: Living Room

BOHO Apartment Finds: Living Room

As you may know (if you watch my YouTube channel), I MOVED. It’s exciting for a lot of reasons, but most importantly: HOME SHOPPING. I am in love with all things home decor and this is the first of many “apartment finds” blog posts. No, the featured photo above is not my apartment^ it’s a random photo I found because I’M NOT showing you guys anything until it’s all done and PERFECT!

I’ve definitely stuck to the boho look for a few reasons: it’s adorable, it can be much more affordable than other styles and it’s so easy to find stuff because you don’t have to stick to one colour or one material!


I got the ones in the middle photo. It’s an adorable peachy/blush coloured fringe curtain that I HAD TO GET. I probably could have found a less expensive option, but curtains can add SO MUCH to a room. It took my somewhat boho vibe to a completely new level.

All the curtains in the photos are from Urban Outfitters! To get my exact ones click here.


You might be thinking, “is this a necessary purchase?” and the answer is YES. First of all, what is more boho than that^?! Second of all, I’ve actually loved using it for a ton of reasons:

  1. I prop my feet up on it instead of my coffee table all the time
  2. It’s like an extra chair when you have one too many people over, which happens easily in a small place like mine!
  3. It can be moved around constantly!

The larger photo and the orangey (it’s a word okay) one are from Target and can be found here. The small picture to the bottom right is the one I have! I got it at Homesense, who seems to have new stuff every week; so you may not be able to get that exact one but they had SO many beautiful options!


This is the quickest way to take your vibe from boring to boho af. You can get small ones to compliment other smaller pieces of wall art, or go big and have it as the focal point of the room. I personally got a big one and hung it over my couch (similar to the far right photo) and I love it!

When these first started coming out they were super expensive, however you can find really affordable ones now. I wouldn’t go for the ones from Urban Outfitters because you can literally get the same thing from Homesense, Easy, or Marshalls!

If you end up getting any of these products, post a pic and tag me! I want to see your spin on creating the perfect boho apartment space! 😍

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