IM HOME FROM WORLDS! It is so hard to remember to write here during the months of February – April guys. I tried to post a couple, but it was just a crazy, stressful, and wonderful time of the year. Not only was it in the heat of the cheer season but I was doing exams, final assignments, and work. You can imagine the giant stress ball I was walking around.

This past worlds was just so amazing and I wanted to generate a little list of my top 10 moments.

  1. My team and I had an AMAZING week together. This year’s Great Whites were just so close and the wide range of age differences made it feel like such a true family.
  2. We practiced with Top Gun Angels who were such a sweet group of girls. They don’t know it, but we were glued to the live feed cheering so loud for them day one and day two!
  3. I got to watch most of the ICU competition and international cheerleading has become SO amazing. I love seeing a sport I love so much grow internationally.
  4. We hit our FIRST RUN of the week at Canadian Trials and took home a mini gold globe! It was the best way to start the competition.
  5. CheerMed came to worlds with sharks and helped us all out by being there for every single ache and pain – huge shout out to you guys!
  6. We spent time together at Magic Kingdom and got adorable photos
  7. We had one error the entire weekend and it was our day two routine which put us in second going into finals – this is a highlight because it sparked a FIGHT NIGHT.
  8. FIGHT NIGHT – we practiced until perfection and got to do so with F5! They were so encouraging of us 🙂
  9. WARM UPS FELT SO EASY – we really were one unit and I had REAL tears in my eyes walking onto the floor.
  10. WE WON WORLDS and although it is an amazing accomplishment/feeling, nothing felt better than coming off the floor with such a hard hit.

I love my team and coaches eternally, and I’m so grateful to have had the best week with all of them. Until next time…

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