I Had High Tea With Maye Musk!?!

I Had High Tea With Maye Musk!?!

This is a blog post I’ve been meaning to write for quite some time now. Anyone that knows I went to this event is probably thinking…why the heck is she writing this so late. Truth be told, I’m a busy gal okay. 

But…I shared a room with a small group of insightful and empowered women while we conversed with the two most fashionable and social media savvy ladies of their generation: Maye Musk and Lisa Corbo.


You wanna talk “#goals”? Maye Musk is the world’s oldest model to ever be featured on Covergirl Magazine. At 69 years old, she is killing the game with her striking features, contagious smile, and impressive drive for success (I see where her son gets it). I’m always starstruck by the famous female icon that isn’t just a pretty face, but smart as hell too. Maye has found a way to combine her love for science with her modelling profession as a dietician and health & wellness speaker.

For the record…she achieved all of these girlboss accomplishments while raising three kids on her own. This is highly inspirational for the baby girl boss that wants to build a beautiful career for herself… and somehow a possible family at some point to?

Beside Maye in the room that we gathered in was Lisa Corbo; a good friend of Maye’s and style icon all on her own. She is the owner of George C, a highly reputable store within the high-end confines of Yorkville, Toronto. Fun fact about this fashionable lady – she is the mother of a couple children I went to grade school with and to this day I remember seeing her strut her stuff into the building for every speech night, play, or school fashion show. I was in awe of how out of the box she dressed – and how clearly she out did every other parent in the room. Sorry guys, but we all knew it was true.

I have discussed social media trends, tools, pros and cons with various people in my life to the point where I feel as though I can almost always guess someone’s take on it based on their demographic. This is where these two ladies stand out amongst the rest.

They just get it.

They were going off about how important social media is for building your brand, what kind of content does well, how to increase engagement…etc. It was so cool to see an older generation just diving into these newer platforms when so many people in their demographic are scared of it.

They also gave killer life advice…

They made the point that I’ve always carried with me thanks to some female role models I’ve had in my life – you should dress for yourself and no one else. If you feel like being the most dressed up person in the room, then do it! I always tell my friends that if you feel confident in what you’re wearing, then it will look great. If you feel uncomfortable, it will probably look weird. So, it was cool to hear a similar perspective from such big fashion icons like Maye and Lisa.

Don’t run away from opportunity. Who knows what we’ll be doing, who we’ll be dating, where we’ll be working, and whatever else will be a reality 10, 20, or 30 years from now. Don’t make decisions based on what you think the future will hold. If something sets your soul on fire – go for it.

Evolution and innovation of the self is inevitable. Improving yourself, building your brand, and working hard never really stops. You should be open to change because everything around us is constantly evolving. It’s important to let your journey take you where it does. Don’t be scared of that change.

Provide for others, as others have provided for you. Congratulations, you’ve made it. You’re a full-blown, self sufficient, badass girl boss. However, you probably didn’t get there alone – or you’re still working on getting there and someone is helping you reach your goal. Don’t forget that. Make sure you do the same for the next generation because someone did it for you and we’re all just trying to create a life we love.


This wonderful event took place in lieu of George C Boutique’s sixth annual fashion show event in support of the Princess Margaret Hospital’s Cancer Research Centre. This event has accumulated 1.2 million dollars in fundraising to date! 

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