Grey on Grey is Actually, OK

Grey on Grey is Actually, OK



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It’s friken cold out people. I am making a point to post more fashion blogs to aid those who still want to attempt at looking fashionable/professional/presentable in this extreme cold; when we all really just want to stay in the PJs or sweats all day. Finding the will to make an effort when you know you’re going to step outside and freeze your butt off can be challenging.

The first outfit I’m showcasing breaks the old age fashion rule of never wearing grey on grey. I happen to love it…if you do it the right way. Different tones and textures can alter the big no no into something that makes people ask “wait, why can you pull off grey on grey?” (actual question that was asked while I was having my little shoot in Burlington, Ontario) To break it up, I paired the outfit with an accent coat, which really pulled it altogether.




Sweater: here

Coat: here

Pants: here

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