Why You Need To Switch To Organic Feminine Products Immediately

Ladies…do you have any idea what is in the feminine hygiene products you use on a monthly basis (some of which you literally put inside your body…sorry if you’re uncomfortable reading this)? I had no idea and never even thought to check the “ingredients” that make up pads and tampons from the brands that I generally buy from, until I came across Easy.

Easy. is pronounced Easy Period and it is an organic feminine hygiene product company that will deliver monthly, bi monthly, tri monthly…etc supplies of the products you need! Their products are 100% organic and are something that you can feel safe using when it’s your time of the month.

My newly found curiosity propelled me to learn what I hadn’t even thought to be concerned about…and you need to know to. Firstly, there is surprisingly not very much regulation that goes into creating tampons and pads. That was the first highly alarming fact for me. Companies aren’t even required to list all the ingredients within their feminine hygiene products!!!!!!!

There are all types of toxins within the “major brands” out there including: pesticides, chlorine, rayon, dioxin, BPA, and fragrances. *tip* Be very careful when a products says “fragrance” it could literally be anything toxic and you have no idea what it is. These are all linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and the likely hood of getting TSS goes up with the higher absorbency a product has. Go ahead and Google any of those chemicals and fear for your life afterwards.

I wrote this in hopes that you all make the switch to organic feminine products because you all deserve to live an educated, happy, and healthy lifestyle! Order your Easy. today HERE. 5% of every sale is donated to the ZanAfarica Foundation which delivers pads and health education to Kenyan girls.

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One thought on “Why You Need To Switch To Organic Feminine Products Immediately

  1. I just saw your blogpost and I am very impressed – not everyone is couragous enough to post something like this!
    I was having quite the same reaction when I found out, that toxics are in most cotton products I use. I found another solution by using menstruation cups, because they are neither toxic, nor producing a lot of waste!
    Greetings from Germany (sorry if any sentences are not making sense)!

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