The App Every Future Girl Boss Needs

Happy International Women’s Day to all! In honour of today’s date, I have decided to write about an application that you should download in order to help continue the ever-growing amount of girl bosses and driven women alike out there! (It’s also just really really cool for any working professionals today)

The application is called Shapr. The goal behind the app is to make networking easier. So it’s like Linkedin?”…no, not exactly. You can sync your LinkedIn profile and information to the app, but its actually a lot more like Tinder (minus the creepy messages and photos you never asked for). 🙊

You input your information, photo, interests, and past-work experience; then Shapr’s algorithm uses those tagged interests, your location, and work experience to suggest 10 – 15 other professionals you may find interesting each day. If you figure they would be a great mentor, potential employer, or someone who’s brain you would just like to pick then you can swipe right (“meet”). If they seem like someone in a field that is of no interest to you, then you can swipe left (“pass”).

Similar to Tinder, you swipe anonymously! So if you swipe right on your dream boss and you don’t receive a “match” notification, don’t worry…they have no idea you are creeping on them. In the event of a match, you can then converse with them via the app and potentially meet for coffee or land your dream job!😍

One of my favourite quotes is:

Girls compete with each other, Women empower one another. 

This app reminds me of that quote in the sense that it is various professionals exchanging ideas and mentoring one another. I love that older and established working individuals are willing to converse and help those that are just beginning their journey. I’ve already started using this app and I can’t wait to see what professional relationships I am able to build with it!

A look inside the app:

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 1.40.50 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 1.43.41 PM

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