You Need These Cookies At Your Next Event

Throwing parties or events can be a lot of work. You have to plan who will be coming, where it will be, what will take place, and most importantly…what people will eat. People are busy, you are probably very busy; and slaving all day in the kitchen is most-likely not on the top of your list when you’re worrying about absolutely everything else you need to get done.

Personally, I ADORE cooking for others…but even I get overwhelmed when I know that there’s a large amount of people expecting delicious treats when I’m hostessing an event.

Spoonful of Sugar Cakery  was started by a stay at home mother of two named Jen Appiah in Milton, Ontario. Her sugar cookies are not only tasty, but adorable as well! What makes them so unique is how perfectly designed each one is whether you want a logo, cartoon, or basically any object you want to be re-created in cookie form.


The cookies are typically sold between $3-$6 each depending on the design and size requested. Say you want a specific character such as Trolls or Minions, each cookie will be about $5.50 each and they all come individually bagged!

Whether its for a wedding, birthday party, graduation, or any other event you could possibly think of, these cookies will be a hit!


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