The Perfect And Affordable Romantic Getaway Trend: Treehouses

With Valentine’s day coming up, I thought I would share the details behind an amazing romantic getaway my boyfriend (Brody) and I took for our third anniversary this year. 

Recently, we decided that experiential gifts were more worth the money than materialistic ones. This way, we can both treat ourselves and each other to a mutually beneficial present that is a memory for us to share forever. With this in mind, I began my search for a unique, but affordable activity for us to experience as a couple.

I came across a few articles about this “treehouse” thing. I was intrigued because it was different, remote, and surprisingly inexpensive. I began my research by navigating Airbnb. If you don’t know what Airbnb is, then first of all: you are living under a rock; and second of all: this will change the way you travel for the rest of your life. Basically, people offer up their places, or a room in their place for travellers to stay and it is much cheaper than a hotel (you can also rent out your space while you are gone and make money in the meantime!).

Some options were absolutely GORGEOUS and were featured in a ton of magazines, but they were slightly out of our budget. It did not take long before I found the perfect one:


Location: Port Perry, ON Canada

Distance: 1 hour from downtown Toronto

Accommodates: 2 people

Bathrooms: 1      Bedrooms: 1

Price: $250/per night

Click here to view entire description.

The place was amazing! It was on a 300 acre property that was pretty much yours to do whatever you want with. It definitely has the feeling of being completely isolated from everything else (but you’re actually not that far away from civilization). You will have to get creative with activities to do, because there was not much other than a ton of land and swimmable ponds.


Photo retrieved from: Airbnb


However, brainstorming ways to keep busy wasn’t all that difficult for Brody and I. We went on walks through the trails in the forest, made our way to the neighbours (which was about a 15-20 minute walk) whom had horses we fed carrots to, flew kites, went swimming, made A LOT of delicious food, played board games, blasted music, laughed together, and I even surprised him with a pretty intense water balloon fight which I believe I won.

We did go in the summer, but while we were there we kept saying how beautiful this place would have been in the winter time. Yes, it will probably be cold…but the treehouse was heated! Seeing all that land and forest covered in snow must be absolutely breathtaking. If you are into snowmobiling, skating, cross-country skiing or down hill skiing (because there is a place to do so nearby) then you will be just fine!

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 3.34.42 PM.png

Photo retrieved from: Airbnb


Needless to say, it was an awesome way to spend our anniversary. The price per night has gone up a bit since we last went, simply because more and more people are beginning to realize how amazing staying somewhere so unique can be! Even with the raise in price, I
would still say it is worth the money, as the owners of the property were so lovely to deal with and we have nothing but great memories from our time spent there.

Watch this video to see why you HAVE to do this! 💓

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