The Year Of Happy: 8 Ways To Manage Your Happiness Levels

Hey everyone!

I decided this year that I wasn’t going to set an actual “new years resolution” (as I discuss the topic in the last days of January).

Instead, I just want to start doing things that I enjoy again. For awhile, I got so caught up in the fast-paced life I was living with school, cheer, work, social events, and a relationship (which I’m still doing, but definitely managing better) and I was feeling down because I didn’t have anytime to do things that I wasn’t already expected to be doing. Now, I am making a conscious decision to do everything and anything that boosts my daily happiness level. I thought that others could benefit from my new strategies, so here’s a list of things you can do to promote personal happiness:

1) stay organized…shocker. img_4270

I know…”typical” first option, but it SERIOUSLY helps. I usually block off a certain chunk of time every week to dedicate towards tidying my room and writing in my agenda/updating my Google calendar. Having a clear space to work in and just knowing what I have coming up sets my mind at ease for the coming week.

2) Take a walk through the book store.

*FACT* – I am really not much of a reader…unless I’m already inspired to do something and want to educate myself on it further (yes I bought a blogging book before starting this site). However, I find walking around a book store to be therapeutic and there have been various times where I either pick up a cook book, agenda, or self-help book that gives me the inspiration I need for that month!

3) Get rid of your useless crap.

If you know me, you know I have WAY too many things (mostly clothing). I try to manage the amount of hoarding that occurs in my home by doing what is usually a bi-monthly clean out of things I have not worn in enough time for me to forget I own it. There’s something freeing about letting go of old belongings.

4) Pick up the old activity you always loved.

This is a big one for me! I got so caught up in doing things that I had to, that I forgot to leave time for doing things I wanted to! I recently joined a dance studio in downtown Toronto called The Underground…it is a place where you can go and learn choreography at all levels and it is so much fun. Having that hour of me time every week has really brought my stress levels down.

5) Deal with personal issues on site.

You know when someone has a habit of doing something that just really rubs you the wrong way, but you feel like they may eventually stop? They won’t. Deal with it ASAP, so you don’t have to stress about the inevitable explosion of an issue that it will eventually become.

6) Find a new activity to love. Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 2.25.42 AM.png

For me, this was painting. I agreed to go to Paintlounge with a friend of mine a couple months back, thinking it was going to be one of those class-type situations where they show you a step by step way of doing the same painting as everyone else in the place…it was not. It was a “free-style” painting session where you just got a canvas, some paints, brushes, your imagination and voila! I was sure that I was going to really screw up my black dress on a neutral background masterpiece. Turns out, I’m not half bad at painting and you probably aren’t either! Finding something new that you enjoy is so exciting.

7) Always have someone to talk to.

Tough things happen. Its important to have that one person or few people that you can talk to at any point in the day about anything, and know they will have your best interest in mind. Having an outlet to just talk things out can bring your stress levels way down.

8) Cook your own meals in advance.

Personally, I do not get half the satisfaction from eating at a fast-food joint or restaurant that I do when I make the food myself. I have developed a love for cooking my own meals, specifically in large amounts so that I know I always have an on-the-go option during my busy week. Meal prep saves a lot of rushing to find nourishment later on!


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