5 Reasons Why Mexico Is The Place To Go On Vacay With Your BFF…And Why It’s Not


So, my best friend and I recently embarked on a wonderful Mexican adventure (by best friend and I…I really mean us two, as well as my sister and mom who made it financially possible for me to go #thanksmom). By adventure, I mean we literally stayed at an all inclusive and it wasn’t one of those super cool and different trips at all; but we did have a blast!

1) The hotel was nice…ish.

The Riu Santa Fe is an awesome resort (if you are a college kid that loves to get drunk 24/7). Of course, we were one of those young people that love to have a good time, but I was hoping there would be more activities than just Patcha (the “club” on property). However, there were excursions you can go on (will discuss in further list item).

2) The food was good…ish.

We arrived at 10:00 PM absolutely STARVING, after what was literally the longest day ever. Once we were able to get off the bus and escape the very creepy individuals commenting on our appearance, we put our luggage in our (actually really really nice) room and raced to the buffet. IT LOOKED AMAZING. It was like walking into the gates of heaven. There was every type of food imaginable, the fruit was extremely fresh and the employees had a constant bottle of wine on its way. This was great for about 8 meals…by day 4 the food started to taste kind of weird and my stomach was feeling all types of things. I can’t decide if I gained or lost weight while I was away because half the time I was eating, but half the time I was bent over a toilet bowl…I guess I’ll never know.

3) The excursions are BOMB…if you have the $


My favourite part of our trip were all the excursions we opted to try. There is a company in Mexico called Cabo Adventures and although you may be paying and arm and a leg to try absolutely anything, it is totally worth it. The first day we rode camels on a beach in the desert; by the ocean where whales made the occasional appearance. Day two was an unreal zip lining and rock climbing activity through the mountains (also a very good work out), and our last excursion was an appropriately relaxing day on a catamaran with the snorkelling option. We were fed delicious meals on all three days and the employees were so good at engaging with the tourists to ensure that everyone had an awesome time. This is a MUST DO.

4) You will NON-STOP laugh…(if your best friend is as cool as mine)

I was lucky enough to go with my best friend Kiana who is probably one of the best people you will ever meet. We did nothing but die of laughter during every moment of every day we spent in “Mehico”. I’m not kidding…we were offered and asked if we were on drugs everywhere we went (but it’s really not our thing, we were just having a GREAT time). The amount of funny stories I came home with are never-ending.

Here is a list of my top five funny moments:
  1. The insanely creepy video of myself that was taken while I was on a zip line going 60km an hour…needless to say I didn’t know I was being filmed and then I realized it and the video is PRICELESS.
  2. When we agreed to the challenge of lunging all the way up a mountain before really realizing how much further we had to go and couldn’t stop because we really really wanted to impress everyone else.
  3. When Kiana non-chalauntly called my name from behind and I turned around to her throwing a LITERAL BOULDER at my head.
  4.  When we thought that leaving the club and walking the streets of Mexico looking for a tattoo parlour was a good idea.
  5. When Kiana was set on kidnapping a random dog she found while we were out one night.

5) You grow closer as friends

My best friend and I were already close, but there is just something so testing and special about going to a foreign place with somebody else. Neither of us knew what to expect, and to be quite honest, I was scared that we were going to come home liking each other less than we did when we left (because you all know those people that you can’t stand after spending a bunch of time with).

*travel tip* BEWARE of the person you choose to travel with, they will either make your trip or completely ruin it!!!!

I now know that I have nothing to fear when it comes to travelling with her, as she was the best travel buddy I could have ever asked for! We were CONSTANTLY on the same page when making our day plans: productive and fun day excursions (that didn’t start too early in the AM) and party time at night!

We socialized with new people, walked in on each other butt naked, stayed in the room while the other cleared their bowels, wing manned, laughed, explored, and even when I begged her to go spend her last night with that cute guy we are still both so sure she is going to marry, she opted to stay with me and tend to my needs as I was dying from some sort of virus I picked up while being there.



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