My Top 4 Favourite Lipsticks This Month: January

My Top 4 Favourite Lipsticks This Month: January

I LOVE lipstick…and here’s why: I truly feel like it can transform your entire get-up (yeah I just said get-up, I’m sorry).  Seriously, it can take your outfit from an “I’m going to my family brunch where my family members are probably judging me” to “I’m going on a hot date looking super classy and/or mysterious”.

There are a ton of lovely colours from various brands on the market right now that I can’t wait to introduce you to…but for now, these are my favourite picks of the month!

1) Kat Von D: Vampira

I might as well introduce you to this one now, considering you will probably see it in almost every Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and whatever other social media you happen to have me on; because it is my absolute fave.

The reason I love it is you can put a light coat on and have a rich maroon, or really really apply it to look like that stone cold, confident, “I don’t need no man” type.

Price: $26


2) Bite Beauty: Biscotti

This is actually a “multistick”, which means it is not just your regular one-trick pony of a lipstick. It can be used on the lips, eyes, and cheeks; believe it or not! The plum colour is literally perfect for any fall or winter outfit you try to pair it with and I have definitely been obsessing over it.

Price: $28


3) Wink Cosmetics: Very Berry

Wink is a smaller cosmetics company that is more focused on marketing to the Cheer & Dance community, and it is at a much lower price point than the typical drugstore or Sephora brand. With that said, they still offer a product of great quality. Wink was extremely generous and gave each member of my team this shade and I have to say, I absolutely love wearing it while I compete!


4) Tarte: Obvi

Surprise! I’m actually picking a colour that isn’t matte. I do have a slight obsession with the matte finish, however this glossy lip paint makes me second guess my usual choice. It is super light on the lips and stains them with the perfect nude-pink pigment, while giving a bit of a plumped-like look with its simple shine.

Price: $24

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 12.54.52 AM.png

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