• Little bit late… I mean I usually post this in the first week of each …
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  • If you’re coming from my Youtube video: HERE’S WHAT I PROMISED. If you’…
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  • I was recently sitting at a cute little brunch spot in The Junction eating my …
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  • It’s one of the most wonderful days of the year! The end to our …
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  • January Phone Backgrounds!

    January Phone Backgrounds!

    Toronto, Ontario
    Healthy Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake Recipe

    Becca/23/Canadian/YouTuber/Accidentally on Netflix/Content Creator/Nail Biter
    Happy Reading Babes!

    Toronto Brunch Spots You Have To Try
    Beauty Products I’ll Be Wearing This New Year’s Eve
    Wishlist Series: Tech

    Wishlist Series: Tech


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